More questions than answers in Union Gap shooting

UNION GAP, Wash.-- It's the question haunting people tonight: 'who shot a woman outside a Union Gap movie theater and why?' Police don't expect Cynthia Kelley-Munzanreder to survive the attack.

A date at the movies with her husband ended terribly for 45 year old Cynthia Kelley-Munzanreder. Police say they were walking back to their car in the parking lot outside the Majestic Theatre when someone shot Cynthia twice, once in the back of the head. Officers brought in a K-9 trying to find the shooter who they say got away on foot. There are no suspects in custody.

Investigators found Cynthia on the ground with her husband waiting for help. They had all their money and belongings. Detectives brought witnesses and people in the area to the station for questioning. They are struggling to find a motive.

"There's nothing to relate it to narcotics and/or gang-related activity," said Sgt. Chase Kellogg from the Union Gap Police Department.

"In these days it seems like it doesn't matter anymore if you're gang related or not," said Ernestina Florez.

Surrounding stores went on lockdown briefly, but their business continues. Larry Hall's wife works nearby at Petsmart.

"It's supposed to be one of the quieter and nicer areas to live in but any more it seems like it's getting worse," said Hall.

"It makes you wonder, you have to look over your back a lot, you don't know who to trust," said Florez.

Police call it an isolated shooting and, that Cynthia was the target of the violence that could have happened anywhere.

"It had nothing to do with the movie theater," Sgt. Kellogg said.

For police, it has everything to do with finding whoever is responsible for this terrible ending.

Misinformation on victim's condition

There was plenty of confusion on the victim's condition after the shooting. It continued early this morning when police sources told KIMA the woman died.

Then, Union Gap Police issued a news release calling this a homicide and explaining Cynthia Kelley-Munzanreder succumbed to injuries at the hospital.

KIMA got more police confirmation of her death over the phone. Then, we learned that was not the case.

Union Gap police back pedaled to say she was still alive and on life support. The Yakima County Coroner indicated this as well.

It frustrated us and we know it was the same for you. You trust us and expect that we don't tell you anything that hasn't been confirmed by authorities first. It's why Action News went to Union Gap Police myself to find out how this information was botched.

"How does that miscommunication happen?" KIMA asked.

"That's a good question. I don't know. Unfortunately, the information that I was given was that she had passed. She is currently on life support up at the hospital. I have spoken with her family up there. They're aware of the circumstances and what has transpired," said Union Gap police spokesperson Sgt. Chase Kellogg.

"Was there just a mistake within the department in communication?" Action News asked.

"I don't know if it was between the department and the hospital or department paramedics. I don't know where the communication breakdown occurred. Unfortunately, the correct information was not passed down to me at the time," Kellogg said.

"But, there was a breakdown somewhere obviously?" KIMA asked.

Yes," Kellogg said.

Sergeant Chase Kellogg told me the protocol is to get the accurate information from the emergency room.

He says in this case, his information came from the investigator in charge.