More bike lanes for Yakima's streets

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Yakima is planning to add several new bike lanes to our streets this year. They'll be put in during the street overlay projects planned for this summer.

Locations include South Sixth street, South 24th Avenue between Washington Avenue and Nob Hill Boulevard, and South Third Street past Walnut.

Many of Yakima's other streets are too narrow to include new bike lanes. Bicyclists stress how important this is.

"The whole thing about the bike lanes is our safety, the priority of the city is to I hope keep us safe as well as pedestrians on the sidewalk," said Duene Sperl, a Yakima bicyclist.

These locations were planned as part of Yakima's long term transportation plan. Officials also say the new streets that will be put in with the Mill Site construction will also accommodate bicyclists.