Mom won't give up on missing son after almost 9 years

SELAH, Wash.-- The return of the missing Cleveland women has given renewed hope to a Selah mom who's spent roughly the same amount of time searching for her son. Cody Haynes vanished from Kittitas back in 2004. She doesn't expect the same result as what happened in Cleveland but she'll never give up, either.

September 2004 was the month Lisa Doney's life changed forever.

"It was awful," she said.

She learned her eleven year old son was missing. Cody Haynes had been living with his dad in Kittitas at the time. Lisa Doney has been searching ever since.

"We're not stopping until we bring him home," Doney said.

America's Most Wanted has Cody's story posted. Police say Cody's father and his live-in girlfriend didn't cooperate in the search for the boy. Lisa was living out of state at the time. She's not a suspect in Cody's disappearance.

Lisa moved to Selah and has had a better opportunity to keep the search going. The news of the Cleveland women found renewed Lisa's hope for a happy ending to her own story.

"It sparked hope with other parents," Doney said.

But she's trying to be realistic.

"I don't think that Cody's alive, I really don't."

Lisa realizes the search is more likely for Cody's body. Finding it would give her daughters closure.

"If they have something that says okay now he's gone, they can start grieving," she said.

Until then she continues to celebrate Cody's birthday each year. Saturday, May 25th is National Missing Kids Day. There will be an all-day search for Cody at Sprague Lake.