Missing Idaho woman found alive near Tri-Cities

PASCO, Wash. -- A frightening disappearance in Franklin County has ended safely. A young woman from north Idaho was found alive Monday night in a wheat field.

Deputies weren't ruling out an abduction as they spent more than 24 hours searching for Rashelle Klontz, 21.

Klontz was last seen at the Country Mercantile Sunday afternoon before she was found alive Monday evening. Klontz had been on her way to Idaho after spending Sunday morning in Hermiston, visiting a friend.

Klontz texted her friend Sunday to say she was stopping at the Country Mercantile just outside of Pasco. She also told the friend she didn't feel well and needed to rest.

Three hours later security cameras showed Rashelle leaving the store. From there her family said she had vanished.

"It's definitely something that affects everybody," said Franklin County Sheriff's Deputy, George Rapp.

He was just finishing his shift when he got the call.

"It looks like there was no foul play at this time, we're not ruling it out, but it doesn't look like it at this time," he says.

Deputy Rapp said his office wasn't calling it an abduction, but wasn't ruling it out, either.

Klontz's car was still at Country Mercantile Monday.

Friends and family spent the day searching fields near the Country Mercantile just off 395.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Department sent this news release late Monday night:

On 06-17-13 at about 1900 Rachelle Klontz was found about a half mile east of the Mercantile resting in a wheat field. She was healthy with no injuries. She was given food and water. The Sheriff's Office would like to thank the Country Mercantile, they stayed open so the family would have a place to get out of the weather and they also cooked the family dinner.We would also like to thank The farmers and citizens of Franklin County. One farmer paid for rooms at a local hotel for the family to stay. There were numerous citizens that showed up in support to search, they brought quads and motorcycles and were hiking through fields looking for her. We would also like to thank the citizens in Bonner County ID, Several of them showed up to aid with the search and several others were coming. Citizens from both counties were very helpful in the success of finding Rachelle.
"This is an important case. If this was my daughter, my family member, I'd want to be out helping looking for her, so I'm willing to put in my own time to help find this person," he added.

**Editor's Note: The attached video includes the story from an earlier broadcast before Klontz was found.