Medical marijuana users may be cut off short

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Changes may be coming to medical marijuana here in Washington.

The State Liquor Control Board has released their recommendations on new regulations on medical marijuana.

"I had trouble walking. I mean I walked about as good as an 80 year old man with a cane, and it's pretty ridiculing when you have to walk around like that cause your pain and then you see even younger generations pointing and laughing," said Charlie Guist, a Yakima medical marijuana user.

Charlie Guist finally turned to medical marijuana after the pain from his third back surgery was too much to bear.

Growing the legal amount for himself made all the difference in his quality of life.

"Before I was on it, I had trouble cleaning house and keeping up, I had trouble even mowing my lawn. With my medical marijuana now it allowed me to do things and stay on top of things like I did before surgery," said Guist.

But the current recommendations proposed by the Liquor Control Board will change our state's regulations on medical marijuana as the recreational form of the drug comes into play.

The amount of marijuana a patient can possess will drop from 24 ounces to just 3 ounces.

Additionally collective gardens and home grows will no longer be allowed.

"I agree they probably should maybe lower the amount of plants that can be personally grown, but they shouldn't eliminate it," said Guist.

Other tighter restrictions include that children under 17 would need parent authorization before obtaining medical marijuana, and all patients would need to sign up in a registry under the Department of Health.

Even signing up would be tougher with stricter regulations of what qualifies as "debilitating" and "intractable pain."

Although Charlie says he'll follow the new laws, these rules might turn some people to find the drug in other ways.

"So many people just know so many people now so finding it just right around the corner is almost easy anywhere," said Guist.

Currently in Yakima, medical marijuana dispensaries are still not allowed.

The Liquor Control Board is accepting written comments from the public until November 8th.

They're submitting their recommendations to Legislature by the first of the year.