Medical marijuana patients fighting back for fair laws

SELAH, Wash. --- Medical marijuana patients and supporters gathered Tuesday evening to discuss the newly proposed regulations on medical cannabis from the Liquor Control Board.

It was one in a series of five meetings across the state to get feedback from patients.

"It's not comfortable for me to say that I'm a sick person, its not comfortable for me to air my private health information publicly, but I'm hoping by standing out and making this audible to them that they will really see that just because I look healthy, well that's because of cannabis," said Kari Boiter.

Kari Boiter is one of more than 20 people that showed up at Tuesday's meeting where emotions ran high as the room full of people, mostly patients that rely on the drug, expressed their frustrations with the long list of new regulations for medical marijuana users.

"Well my friend is just recently been trying to use, been trying to find a way to use it, and she's having all kinds of problems finding it, paying for it, the regulations are so stringent for the people that really need it, it's just absolutely ridiculous," said Penny Cavin.

Some of the major concerns are the financial burdens from taxes, the suggestion that doctors will first have to gauge their pain before qualifying, and perhaps what evoked the biggest response was the recommendation that medical users would have to sign up on a registry.

"There's only one kind of registry in this state and it's for sex offenders. I'm not a sex offender I am a sick person, and it is extremely offensive to be classified in that manner," said Boiter.

Patients from across the state are now making it their mission to fight back and educate our state and local law makers, that despite the stereotypes, real people rely on this drug to stay alive.

The meeting was hosted by Americans for Safe Access.

The Liquor Control Board will make their final recommendations by the new year, but some believe it could be as soon as Thanksgiving.
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