Many pets go missing after the Fourth of July

fourth of july missing pets

YAKIMA Wash. -- On the Fourth of July many of us are out celebrating with our family and friends, however the day after, some are mourning and searching for their lost pets.

Daisy went missing last weekend.

Her family had a gathering with a couple of friends at a park and when everyone started heading home Daisy was nowhere to be found.

Chris Trob owns several pets but says Daisy is special because she gets along really well with everyone in the family.

"I'm broken hearted because I'm an animal lover and I worry about them all the time," said Trob.

Communications and Events Manager of the Yakima Humane Society Annie Flores says they see several missing animals coming in to their shelter throughout the year but the day after the Fourth of July the number of missing pets grows.

"We had over 100 animals lost either a good samaritan brought them in or animal control brought them in," said Flores.

Flores says some of these pets go missing after the Fourth of July because they're scared of fireworks and want to run away and hide.

She says many of the animals that come by their shelter never make it back home.

"A lot of the reasons why we see that because animals are not properly identified so either they don't have a collar with tags, they don't have a microchip, people don't know to come to our adoption center to look for their pets," said Flores.

Flores says there are certain steps people can take to find their missing pet or prevent it from getting lost.

She recommends people go to an animal shelter and fill out a missing report, look through your neighborhood or put out flyers and post it on social media.

She also recommends people put a chip on their dogs so it can be easily identified when it gets lost.

The Yakima Humane Society keeps lost pets from 3 to 5 days before putting them up for adoption so volunteers recommend filling out a missing report as soon as possible.

If you have seen daisy or any other missing animal you can contact the Yakima Humane Society by going to their website.

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