Man who shot dog reports harrassment to sheriff deputies

TERRACE HEIGHTS, Wash. -- KIMA continues to follow the controversial killing of a pet dog in Terrace Heights. The man who shot the dog met sheriff's deputies Wednesday morning claiming he's being harassed by neighbors.

Our cameras were rolling as the deputy took multiple signs from his property; the signs call him a dog killer among other things.

Neighbors who put up the signs claim they were on the golf course, which is private property but when deputies got there, they were found in the man's yard.

All of this started two weeks ago when the dog was shot while on a walk with its owner.

"It's quite upsetting," said neighbor Roland Hendren. "I don't like it because we have dogs."

The deputy who responded to this morning's complaint didn't find reason to move forward with charges.

Animal control maintains the property owner didn't break any laws by shooting the dog.

To get all sides, we spoke with the man again but he declined to comment on camera.