Man rescued from water near Union Gap

YAKIMA COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE NEWS RELEASE -- On 4/26/14 at about 1700 Hrs, the Yakima County Sheriff's Office received a report that there were two males in the water just upstream from the Century Landing on Thorp Road.

One male was able to swim to shore. The other male was on a log in the middle of the river.

The Yakima County Swift Water Rescue Team along with the City of Yakima Fire Department Swift Water Rescue team and boat responded.

The male who was on the log was picked up by two Deputies on a Yakima County Sheriff's Office jet boat. The individual was transported to the boat landing where he was checked by medics. The individual was not injured and did not require any medical attention nor did the other individual.

Both males had been drift fishing on pontoon style rafts when they encountered fallen trees and logs which were blocking the river above the landing.

This area is almost completely blocked by fallen trees in the curve in the river approximately one-half mile upstream from the landing.

Neither individual was wearing a personal floatation device (PFD).