Man in crash pays special visit to Yakima Fire Department

Yakima Fire Department

YAKIMA, Wash. - July 18th. That day will forever be engrained in Diana Hoss' mind. It's the day she got the phone call nobody ever wants to get.

“My husband's been traveling for 11 years now, so it's the nightmare that we've talked about, that we've prepared for. So, when it finally came, it kind of takes your breath away for a minute,” said Hoss.

Diana's husband, Robert, was a traveling pharmacist. On July 18th, he was driving back home to Hope, Idaho on Highway 12, when a car hit him head on. He suffered a brain bleed and multiple broken bones and he clung to life. Now, he's back in town with his wife, and they’re thanking the Yakima Fire Department for saving him.

“I have been in awe of these men for the last three months. They are an incredible bunch that train very hard. Obviously, they knew exactly what to do and exactly how to do it. And I greatly admire and respect them, and they will always be deep in my heart,” said Hoss.

The firefighters who responded to the scene were just as touched to know that the man they removed from a devastating crash is recovering.

“It's pretty amazing to sit across from somebody that we've helped and see where they're at in their recovery, and where they are in their lives today,” said Firefighter Jason Horton.

Yakima's firefighters are humble.

“It's nice to know that we had a positive impact in that person's life and they're thankful for what we did. We're just doing our job. And we're thankful to have an amazing job and to be able to do that for people. We don't look for the thanks that some people give us,” said Firefighter Jeff Charters.

Hoss said that her husband is making great progress and has hope that he will make a full recovery.

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