Man dies after getting shot outside rap concert in Yakima

YAKIMA, Wash. - Yakima police said a 22-year-old man died after getting shot Saturday night outside The Seasons in downtown Yakima. Another man was also found shot down the street.

It was a scene a woman identified as "Anne" said got out of control. Anne said she heard yelling and fighting outside of her house.

"The gun went off and I go, 'Oh my God,' said Anne. "Everyone's running all different which ways."

Yakima police were headed to the 500 block of Sgt. Pendleton Way to respond to a big fight. That's when officers found 22-year-old Damarius Morgan lying in the street. He had at least one gunshot to his chest. 19-year-old Isaiah Prince was also found down the street, shot in the leg.

"God, I was just shocked," said Anne. "God, and I knew they were young kids."

CPR was started on Morgan, the man with the chest wound. Both victims were taken to the hospital where Morgan died from his injuries.

The Seasons Performance Hall was holding a music event during the time of the incident.

Nathan Montgomery attends church at The Seasons weekly. He said he's not afraid of the area.

"We have no problem being down here," said Nathan. "And, can something happen? Maybe, but more than likely not."

YPD said shell casings were found at the scene, which indicates a large caliber pistol was used.

"Any time that we have people, there's always potential for problems, so am I surprised? No," said Nathan.

Police believe the incident may have been gang-related.

YPD said one suspect, 18-year-old William Martinez is in custody.

An autopsy on Morgan is scheduled for Monday morning.