Man claims $1 million scratch game prize in Yakima

WASHINGTON'S LOTTERY NEWS RELEASE -- A lifelong Wenatchee resident, Phillip Tillotson Jr., won $1 million playing Washington's Lottery "Casino Cash" Scratch game.

Tillotson Jr. stopped at the store before Seattle's most recent football game and decided to buy himself a Scratch ticket. He purchased the ticket at Discount Tobacco & Beverage at 1051 Valley Mall Pkwy in East Wenatchee.

He waited until he got home to scratch the ticket, with his wife and mother at his side. It was then he realized he won the top prize. A long-time Seattle sports fan, Tillotson Jr. missed seeing the team's big victory on TV because he was too busy phoning all of his family about his own win.

Tillotson Jr. claimed his prize at the Yakima Regional Office on Thursday, January 23.

He told Lottery officials that he doesn't have extravagant plans for his winnings. Instead, he wants to keep working and living his life in the same way he did before the big win. He noted that he wants to "buy a car newer than his '86 Chrysler, and take my wife out to dinner."

Looking ahead, Tillotson Jr. is most excited that this win enables him to buy and own a home. "I never thought I'd get to do that," he said.

Tillotson Jr. plays Washington's Lottery regularly, usually Scratch. He has won $1,000 a couple of times previously, and a few years ago won tickets to a Seattle football game.

When asked if he would use some of the money to go to see Seattle play against Denver on February 2, he said, "No, I'd rather buy another Scratch ticket."

Proceeds from Washington's Lottery benefit the Washington Opportunity Pathways Account, providing scholarships to college students statewide.