Mabton woman dies from severe burns

MABTON, Wash. -- Neighbors were frightened when they heard the loud noises from the fire. Beatriz Campos lived down the street and watched the scene from afar.

"I heard about three booms. It would just go boom and then again. Three more minutes. Boom again," said Beatriz.

82 year-old Germana Aguilar died in Seattle after being burned on more than 60 percent of her body. Her husband, Marcelino, was being treated for third degree burns. Beatriz was anxious her neighbors were running out of time.

"I was waiting to see what was going on but nobody was coming," said Beatriz. "They just took forever to get there."

Joe Pina has been a friend of the Aguilars for 20 years and worked for the couple's son. He wanted to do something when he saw the home burning.

"I went over there and I couldn't help them because everything was in blaze," said Joe.

Joe struggled to get over what he saw.

"There wasn't a way of pulling her out because she was in bad shape," said Joe.

Investigators began their initial investigation on Wednesday. The fire marshal was focusing on the appliances to determine if the couple had any new equipment in the home. Trying to find the answers behind this deadly fire.