Mabton man shot & killed at house party in Grandview

GRANDVIEW, Wash. -- A shooting at a house party in Grandview left one man dead and person injured. It happened on Sand Hill Road. Police have no suspects.

"I don't see this being the kind of thing that happens in this neighborhood," said neighbor Luis Orta. "It's just crazy to me someone got killed here last night."

People who live in the area would describe the neighborhood as quiet and safe. Luis Orta couldn't believe what happened.

"It's very quiet," said Luis. "Even last night there wasn't a lot of music or loud noises. The only thing we even came out for is our dog was barking a lot at some kids."

Deputies said Carmen Johnson was found dead right by a trampoline. Investigators believe several hundreds of people attended a party when a fight started. During the fight, Carmen and another victim were shot. The second victim was taken to a Sunnyside hospital where the injuries appear to be non-life threatening.

"I have three kids that live here so it's real unfortunate to hear something like that happened in my community," said an anonymous neighbor named "Doug."

"A party like this, it's never happened before," said Luis. "I've never even seen this kind of crazy amount of cans all over the place."

Deputies said multiple shots were fired during the fight. Neighbors hope this doesn't happen again.

"It definitely makes you remember that people are people and it could happen anywhere," said Luis.

"I'm hoping that's not something that's going to be routine at all," said Doug. "Hopefully it was something that was extremely out of the ordinary."

Deputies said there's no indication it's gang related. They are still looking for a suspect and ask you to contact the Yakima County Sheriff's Office with any information.