Low voter turnout, tight races in Yakima County primary election

Low voter turnout, tight races in Yakima County primary election

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- Preliminary numbers are in, showing some tight races in Yakima County’s primary election.

The candidates in the lead for three seats on Yakima’s city council are Pablo Gonzalez and Jason White for District 2; Keith Effler and Kay Funk for District 4; and Brad Hill and Micaela Razo for District 6.

Mario Martinez and Laura Vazquez lead the race for Mabton mayor, while Juan Orozco and Hector Garza have the most supporters for Wapato mayor.

Despite several races in the valley, Yakima County auditor Charles Ross said we’ve seen a low voter turnout.

"This election is a historically low turnout; we attribute some of that to the time of year - people are busy in the summer and then also a lot of these races are small pockets within the community, so a lot of people just I don't think they're paying attention to politics," said Ross.

Ross said 41,000 ballots were sent out and so far 9,400 were returned, which is about 23 percent.

He said the numbers are pretty solid, with only 1,400 ballots to count Wednesday and a few expected to come in Thursday. For election results click here.

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