Locals weigh in on New Year's resolutions

YAKIMA/TRI-CITIES, Wash.-- We all have the best intentions. We roll out of bed on New Year's day and say 'this is the year I'm gonna stick to my resolutions.' The gyms are packed and at least for the next week or so. Fast food chains will see a slight decline in business.

January first marks the beginning of a new year. Higher minimum wage, new laws, and new years resolutions.

"What is your new years resolution?" KIMA asked Yakima Resident Martin Koreski.
"I would say to be a better person and nicer to others," he responded.

Martin has a plan to keep his.

"Smile more and say 'hi' and just kind of spread joy around," Koreski said.

A goal he'll try to keep but admits it could be a struggle to hold to it for 365 days. That struggle is the reason Sheila Leskinen takes a different approach.

"I don't make new years resolutions anymore," she said. "I used to do that all the time and I would never, I'd never stick to them."

Sheila says she makes goals every few months and renews the ones that have worked. As a gym regular, she sees the increase of people at the start of each year.

"There's a lot more people here, yes and especially, well over the holidays there was a lot of people here too," Leskinen said. "People tend to overeat."

Gyms willingly take the business. Local athletic clubs are advertising deals for memberships knowing people will snatch them with a discount.

The lack of snow made it easier for some to go out for a walk. Diet and exercise top the list of most common resolutions. Either way, many hope to keep their resolutions-- fighting the statistic that has made our area one of the chubbier regions in the state.