Local Yakima students studying forensic science

YAKIMA, Wash. -- West Valley High School is bringing a CSI into the classroom. In fact, it's one of the few schools in the state of Washington to offer a forensics science class and it's being well received by both students and teachers alike.

"Instead of learning about DNA structure in a book, we still go over that. We review all that stuff but they actually are able to work with it hands on-see their science at work," says science teacher, Keely Teske.

"My favorite part of the class is when we have crime scene. Like today, we get to investigate, collect evidence, take notes and take pictures- it's really a fun time," said West Valley senior Jalen Peake.

"You just have that feeling like you know who it is. It's like the coolest feeling in the world. You get so excited," said West Valley junior Ana Krsse

That's exactly the response teachers are hoping for, especially when it comes to science and math.

"I learned to be a better observer, what to observe, to not over think anything. Anything can be important when solving a case," said junior Hannah Reeves.

"I thought it'd be-you just go through you walk it. Just kind of look around, pick up stuff you think is really important but there's a lot more to it than that," said Krsse.

Over the academic school year, students will learn to process evidence like DNA analysis, fingerprinting, and blood spatter. These are skills that may seem specialized, but its knowledge that could still be used in everyday life.

"It's just going to make them really educated citizens for life. As they get older, they may have to work on a jury or something like that. I mean they're going to have a lot education that they not normally would've received. I think this class just provides them a whole different outlook," says Teske.

The course has become so popular at the school that it now holds multiple forensic classes throughout the day to accommodate as many students as possible.