Local woman's car vandalized five times in the past six months

Local woman's car vandalized five times in the past six months

YAKIMA, Wash. - Patricia Kline says someone is vandalizing her car and it started back in June.

Kline lives on South 41st Avenue and said people are throwing rocks at her back window and busting it out, but nothing is ever taken from the car.

This has happened five times in the past six months, including this past week.

Kline said it is always her car damaged and she can't afford to keep fixing it.

"I'm frustrated because every time this happens it costs me money," she said. "I have to pay for the deductible and then I was told that it's going to affect my insurance this time."

Kline's family installed a camera on their garage after the first time the window was broken.

They think it is the same people damaging Kline's car every time and describe them as younger boys, one tall and skinny and the other a shorter teen.

Because this happened so many times, Kline is scared for her and her family's safety.

"It's just nerve-racking to me now because if they've done that to my car so many times, what's to keep them from breaking into my house," she said.

They family said they call police every time and the officers write up a report so Kline can file it with her insurance company.

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