Local teens prepare for performance of their lives in New York

YAKIMA, Wash.-- Two Davis High School students are spending their winter break gearing up for one of the most exciting opportunities of their lives. Both will sing at New York's Carnegie Hall next month as part of the National Honors Choir.

Davis High School Senior Kyle Hitchcock and Freshman Mackenzie Taylor share a passion for the arts. Both started singing when they were young, appearing in many musicals and concerts.

"My parents pretty much pushed me to be a singer when I was about ten because I just sang around the house," Hitchcock said.

"When I'm sad, I sing," Taylor said. "When I'm happy, I sing. It just kind of explodes out of me. I sing all the time."

Together, they applied to sing with the National Honors Choir at Carnegie Hall. Thousands applied from all over the world. Kyle and Mackenzie were the only two accepted from Washington state.

"Being able to sing on such a historic stage like Carnegie Hall is just, with all the famous music people that have been there, is just going to be awesome," Hitchcock said.

The duo is just about a month away from the big performance in New York.

"It's always somewhere I've wanted to go since I am a singer so it's really cool that I get to go do this," Hitchcock said.

They say the opportunity has only fueled their fire to pursue their dreams.

"I express myself through my music and it's who I am," Taylor said. "Who I am is my music. I pour everything I am into it."

Ready to put their "heart and soul" on New York's historic stage February sixth.

The two are raising money to pay for the trip and have applied for a grant through Davis High School to help with some of the expenses.

To help the duo get to New York, you can donate at Banner Bank. The fundraising account is called "Carnegie Hall- Kyle Hitchcock and Mackenzie Taylor".