Local researchers creating longer lasting, efficient light bulbs

TRI-CITIES, WA - Researchers at PNNL are working on creating more-efficient and long-lasting light bulbs.

Folks at PNNL showed KEPR what they're working on. They're testing new LED light bulbs to see how long they could last -- and how much light they put out.

The bulbs have been on for 22-thousand consecutive hours and are not going out.This may allow you to expect big savings with this program in the future.

"There are huge potential savings that are possible with this technology. We can save on the order of 250 billion dollars over the next two decades," said PNNL Researcher Marc Ledbetter.

There is currently a competition being held by the Department of Energy and PNNL to help accelerate the process of producing more energy-efficient and long-lasting light.

Phillips won the last contest -- receiving ten-million dollars.