Local professional wrestling group has donated more than 300 pounds of food

Local professional wrestling group has donated more than 300 pounds of food. (Photo provided by: Simplex Productions.)

YAKIMA, Wash.- A local professional wrestling group has found a way to turn their high-flying moves into over 200 meals for people in need.

Big League Wrestling and Lucha Libre has only been around since may but they have found a way to raise over 300 pounds of canned food since their first show.

Suplexs and frog splashes from the top rope usually lead to pain, but Big League Wrestling and lucha libre have used them to feed the hungry.

Owner Aaron Fowler had his first show in May and had the idea to give people discount tickets if they bring in canned goods.

"All the canned goods go to northwest harvest and so far with the four shows we've had, we've raised over 312 pounds of food,” he said. “Which equates to 240 meals for needy people in our valley."

Fowler used to be a wrestler on the east coast but injuries over the years have forced him to take a step back and take more of a behind the scenes role.

Since then he's bought a ring and brought together the best of both worlds when it comes to wrestling.

Lucha libre is more acrobatic and athletic. While American wrestling brings more strikes and slams, but fowler has found a way to make them work together.

"I wanted to bring something here that would not only attract Hispanic people but also everybody else because everybody loves pro wrestling," Fowler said.

Fowler credits his desire to give back to his time in the navy going out to help those in need.

"It really instilled into me a sense of pride for the community and that I do have it pretty good and if I can give back to other people it's what I should do," he said.

The wrestling group plans to be collecting cans at all their future shows to keep adding to the amount of food they have already donated.

Big League Wrestling and Lucha Libre will be at Beardfest 2017 on September 16.

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