Local marijuana shops in Yakima are feeling the high of legal marijuana

YAKIMA, Wash.- 420. The simple combination of numbers that brings a smirk or smile to even the most serious people.

Every 20th day of April the marijuana community celebrates together in a large puff of smoke.

However, there has always been a negative image when marijuana or pot is brought up.

Andrew Pommer works at the m shop and think the legalization of pot is slowly changing that.

"I think that it has really brought it to the foreground,” he said. “a lot of people are beginning to realize that it is more widespread and their friends, neighbors, family members are using it."

The city of Yakima is projected to make 54-thousand dollars in sales tax revenue from marijuana sales by the end of 2017.

Randy Beehler, with the City of Yakima, said this added revenue would be able to be use to help fund city projects.

"It's money that goes into our general fund that is used for services like police fire parks and streets," he said.

Station 420 in Union Gap is hosting its third annual customer appreciation party to thank everyone in the community.

This shop was the first to open in the area and they were initially a shop for medical marijuana

The shop also uses its professionalism to help break down that stigma.

Ashley Plaisance is a manager at Station 420 and said that the professionalism of the staff helps educate the community.

"Our main goal is to just show people that everyday business people, blue collar people, nurses, doctors, and just the community in general. Everybody utilizes marijuana."

There are only a few more hours left of the 420 celebration before it all goes up in smoke.

For more information on what The M Store and Station 420 are doing for the day, you can go to their websites.

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