Local hospice care facility looking to expand, adding compassion to healthcare

Local hospice care facility looking to expand, adding compassion to healthcare

YAKIMA, Wash.- Cottage in the Meadows is the only in-patient hospice care facility in the Yakima Valley and they're one of only nine in the state. However, after being open for five years they're already looking to expand, to provide even more comfort and peace to families and their loved ones during the final stages of life.

“When families were losing a loved one in the hospital they were finding that there was a high rate of post-traumatic stress disorder and a high rate of trauma for families because of the experiences that they were having in the hospital when they did lose a loved one,” said Erin Black, CEO of the Memorial Foundation.

Facilities like Cottage in the Meadows are working to change that, serving both patients and their families in a unique way.

"There are no rules here. It's a space that families can use in a way that's comfortable to that family so we've seen things like wedding receptions here, Potluck dinners for Thanksgiving," said Black.

David Hargreaves, whose mother spent her last days at Cottage, says the difference in care is drastic.

"You know when my mother was in the hospital she was very anxious and very tense and the minute we got her here you could see the comfort and the relaxation that came on her,” said Hargreaves.

The facility offers family gathering areas, a stocked kitchen offering a chef-made pot of soup, a kids’ area, spacious patient rooms with a semi-private patio, and even offers educational material on what to expect to families.

Little details that can mean the world.

“You have the care of an intensive care unit and yet there's warmth and comfort and the soup and everything else. It just feels like home," said Hargreaves.

And that comfort is in high demand, with all 12 rooms typically full, the facility is now working on a $4.5 million-dollar expansion to provide 8 new rooms with even more features and serve up to an additional 300 patients a year.

Leaders at the Cottage in the Meadows say the initial building was built entirely off community donations and they say this new expansion is also from an outpour of support from the community, already 88-percent funded and with an expected opening in September.

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