Local JROTC students learn lifelong skills at their Spring Camp

Local JROTC students learn lifelong skills at their Spring Camp

GOOSE PRAIRIE, Wash.- Camp Fife operates year round as a Boy Scout Camp facility but for four days, it's home to 88 high school students from East Valley, Walla Walla and Wellpinit all part of the Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC).

"With this program we teach young kids and cadets how to become better citizen using the military model," said Adam Grau, a senior at Walla Walla High School and JROTC Brigade Commander.

It’s a military model, but students are in no way obligated to join the military after graduation.

Camp leaders say the program is not about creating a junior army but about building leaders, creating better citizens, and is great for any future endeavors.

"JROTC looks really good on a resume, whether you're applying for a school or a job because it teaches you basic leadership skills," said Zachery Glenn, a senior at East Valley High School.

During the camp, Students are participating in a wide variety of activities from archery, rock climbing, repelling, obstacles and even constructing rope bridges.

"You're put in a situation where you're not necessarily the most comfortable. But with that situation you learn that you can push your boundaries and your boundaries aren't necessarily set in stone,” said Grau.

"You definitely learn each other's strengths and weaknesses," said Glenn.

But for most of the kids attending it's about meeting up with other JROTC members.

"It's just one big family and everyone is real close knit and you all watch out for each other," said Grau.

For others the program is essential.

"I'm a military-esque person and I need the structure to function," said Glenn.

Leaders with the JROTC program shared with us that in the past eight years, the Walla Walla Cadets have saved eight lives with their first aid training.

You can find additional information about the JROTC program here.

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