Local gun show stirs up protests

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Thousands participated in a local gun show on the Fairgrounds over the weekend. People at the event could buy, sell, and trade all types of guns. The catch was sales and trades done at this gun show don't require background checks. But Brian Kjensmo, gun show director said they're not breaking any laws.

"Some people are protesting and saying there are guns being bought without background checks. How would you respond to that?" asked KIMA.
"You can buy a firearm off a local newspaper without a background check," said Brian.

Lawrence Breer didn't like the fact that private, licensed sales didn't require background checks. He was afraid unstable individuals could buy a gun with no questions asked.

"By calling themselves collectors, they're able to use this gun show loophole and sell guns without a background check and that is wrong, wrong, wrong," said Lawrence.

Members of the Yakima Peace Advocates Network had been protesting for an hour, passing out flyers that said they're not anti-gun, but they're anti-no background checks.

"We're not trying to take guns away from people," said Lawrence. "We're not trying to register guns. What we're trying to do is keep them out of the hands of unstable people."

Meanwhile, Brian argued background checks wouldn't even be needed if prosecutors went after known criminals. He said it's not the government's place to regulate firearms.

"What the government is trying to do right now is impose tighter restrictions on law-abiding honest Americans and hinder their ability to purchase what they want to purchase," said Brian.

A recruiter at the event said hundreds of people in the region signed up for the NRA since the beginning of the year.