Local firefighters sent to wildfires in the state

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- KIMA made some phone calls Sunday and found out local crews from Yakima County are being sent to the hotspots here in the state.

A request for state mobilization happens when local resources have been exhausted.

Yakima County District Five says it sent four units to the Pateros wildfire. District Five and Union Gap firefighters were also sent to the Saddle Mountain Fire.

Yakima and East Valley Fire say they weren't able to send anyone.

District Five's spokesperson says it's their station's fifth time sending firefighters to other jurisdictions this year.

"People are losing their whole lives with their house and everything, so we made the decision to stretch ourselves a little bit thinner," said Yakima County District 5 Deputy Chief Kevin Frazier.

Local fire departments say they make sure they have enough manpower to cover the local area before sending anyone out to other districts.