Local businesses beef up security

YAKIMA, Wash. -- KIMA talked to local businesses to see how they are beefing up security to prevent potential robberies.

"Hands up, take it, take it, then he was gone", said Sung Pak a gas station manager.

Face to face with a gun, Sung Pak found himself in a fight for his life.
Alone and scared, he had no choice but to hand over the cash.

The decision which may have saved his life. That was over a year ago....but he'll never forget it. And when it comes to life threatening situation, the safety of his employees is most important.

Sung Pak told KIMA, "Don't try to be hero okay. Don't try to catch him, Don't fight Just speak nicely to robbery, he wants the money or whatever just give them."

Robberies in Yakima and the County have steadily increased over the last few years.Just last year, police reported close to 200 cases in the city and 25 in the county. That's nearly double what they were a decade ago.

Local businesses aren't taking chances. Lauren Dawson said her manager has added new security.

"She's always checking the cameras when we open and close just to make sure we get in and out okay", said Lauren Dawson.

Local business are beefing up their security, so that they won't be the next victim. Sung Pak tells me they have added extra cameras in and outside of the building. Keeping you safe filling up the tank late at night.

Yakima Police told KIMA they see many robberies take place along North 1st Street.