Local author's poem given out across the country to remember September 11th

Local author's poem given out across the country to remember September 11th.

16 years ago today, the twin towers in New York were destroyed from terrorist attacks.

"It was like watching a movie and then when you realize it's the real thing,” author Dale Taylor said. “It's terrible. You can't believe it."

Many people had that same feeling when they saw the world trade center burning before they collapsed.

Confusion and disbelief that this wasn't happening or there is no way this could be real.

September 11, 2001 changed security across the country and the Yakima Fire Department has kept its doors locked ever since.

"We don't know who's out there, what's going to happen next. So we are always trying to make sure that we're safe and set up ready to go."

Last year Pfaff got the chance to meet Joe Torrillo, a firefighter who went into the twin towers and survived not one but both of the towers collapsing

"Events that you see every day or that you feel somethings at home are pretty small compared to the things that he has gone through," Pfaff said.

Yakima Poetry Author Dale Taylor wrote a poem that he has shared with firefighters and police officers across the united states to let them know he hasn't forgotten all they've done.

"Even as the buildings were collapsing to the ground. The brave firemen and police came running with debris still falling around," he said.

He has patches and challenge coins from the fire departments and police stations that he visited and many of them have his poem displayed on their walls.

It's another way to help everyone remember this day.

"A lot of young people weren't even born then so it's easy to forget," Taylor said.

It's not about his poem, but to never forget all those who gave their lives to help others out on September 11th.

His poem is part of book he wrote called “Poems to Ponder (And Things to Think About)”.

To purchase the book you can head over to Oak Hollow Frames in Yakima and Sundance Espresso in Selah.

If you want to purchase the book from him you can email him

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