List of priorities in Yakima drafted for next year

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Yakima will be looking at a draft of state legislative and administrative priorities for next year.

High priorities include finding money for the Mill Site infrastructure, funding for gang prevention and intervention programs as well as the North First Street revitalization project. And, money to add more public defenders following a decision made by the state supreme court.

A Yakima woman is glad to see North First Street on the priority list.

"North 1st Street is an eyesore and there's all kinds of rift raft there and it'd be really nice to clean it up and make it like a really nice entrance into Yakima because a lot of people coming into Yakima, that's the first thing they see," said Christine Pryor.

The Council Partnerships Committee recommends adoption of the draft.

Yakima City Council will review it Tuesday.