Life changing gift for one Ellensburg local

ELLENSBURG, Wash. -- Richard Brown's life was about to change with help from a four-legged friend. The man who's had Type 1 diabetes since he was seven years old will get a new companion.

"How's a service dog going to help you?" said Reporter.

"It'll help me with balance mostly," said Richard.

Richard's lower legs were numb from the disease. His new friend will pick up things he drops, help him turn lights on and off, and get medicine from the cabinet. It was all made possible by the non-profit group Canine Assistants. The group worked with sponsors to provide service dogs for people with disabilities. Richard was on a waiting list for a year.

"I had recently undergone a transplant, an organ transplant and kind of felt like, you know maybe, not everyone gets one of those," said Richard.

Richard will go to a two-week training camp where he will be paired with his own dog. Personality tests were used to find the best match.

"It ends up being a really special thing and, in most cases, it seems like the dog actually chooses the recipient," said Canine Assistants volunteer coordinator, Kevin Ballance.

Richard was stunned he's receiving another life-changing gift so close to his organ transplant.

"A lot of the recipients seemed like they kind of needed one more than I did," said Richard.

Now, he waits to see the new friend that will choose him.