Latest test scores have mixed results in Yakima County

YAKIMA, Wash. -- School is back in session across Yakima County. And, the year is starting with a report card.

Test scores came out to show how students are doing in the core areas of reading and Math. And, local districts have work to do.

More kids did better in math than reading in the bigger districts.

Classrooms empty over the summer are full again with kids heading back to school. It's a year that started with test scores from last year in the core areas of reading and Math. And, we're seeing mixed results.

"A kid can't learn if they're not in school so we're making every effort to be the kind of school where kids feel that they're welcome," said Yakima School District Superintendent Elaine Beraza.

It's not the warmest welcome when it comes to the percentage of sophomores meeting reading standards. It dropped overall. Test scores jumped for Selah and Sunnyside. But, fell in West Valley, Yakima and East Valley.

Charles Mills has a son and daughter in tenth grade at Stanton Academy. He doesn't think the schools alone are responsible for how well students are doing in school.

"There has to be a parent - student thing," said Mills. "It has to be at home. I don't think it's a school issue."

It's more positive for Math. Algebra test scores were better overall for tenth graders. Sunnyside, Selah and Yakima improved. West Valley and East Valley did not.

Yakima Schools Superintendent Elaine Beraza says she's not as concerned about the tenth grade scores.

"When you have differences that are that slight, they're really pretty insignificant. What I normally look at is, are we holding steady?" said Beraza.

"Schools have been really good with my kids and they learned a lot last year," said parent Juan Carlos Balli. "I've seen a lot of improvement in their reading."

Thinking beyond the test scores, Beraza says the district has a goal to increase the 4-year and 5-year graduation rates by five-percent.

The district is also working for higher attendance rates.

If it can reach those goals, it should translate into better test results.

You can look at the latest test scores here.