La Casa Hogar has been helping families in Yakima for several years

La Casa Hogar has been helping families in Yakima for several years

YAKIMA Wash. -- A local organization has been helping Latino families by giving them resources and educating them about life issues.

La Casa Hogar has been a shelter for Latino families here in Yakima but it has also been a source of education for them to learn about important issues that impacts their lives.

Some of the classes La Casa Hogar provides are English literacy, adult education, financial literacy, parenting and citizenship classes.

They also give early education classes to help kids get a head start in school.

Aurora Guevada has been coming to La Casa Hogar for three years now and says her family’s life has changed because of it.

“Well were progressing as a family and we are more integrated to the community that’s why La Casa Hogar is a special place for us," said Guevada.

She says she first came here to get help to learn how to speak English but it wasn’t just her that benefited from their programs.

Her son who had trouble with his speech and couldn’t speak was able to take classes with La Casa Hogar and now she says he knows how to speak both English and Spanish perfectly.

Soon after, her husband was able to get his citizenship through La Casa Hogar and that gave him more opportunities to find a better job.

“When I came here I saw a great place it was a house not a school so that gave me a lot of comfort," said Guevada.

Program Developer at La Casa Hogar Anna Estrada says their mission is to educate as many families as possible and make them feel welcomed.

“This really is a second home this is a place where everyone in the community is welcomed in," said Estrada.

Estrada also said they focus on helping Latino families because they make half of the population here in Yakima and many times they are the ones that lack resources.

Although La Casa Hogar focuses on Latino families they do welcome anyone that needs any type of help.

La Casa Hogar will be having their back to school fiesta next week on August 4 so all students and parents are invited to attend and if you want to learn more on what they are about you can visit their page by clicking here.

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