Kittitas County Officials continue to keep a close watch on flooding

Kittitas County Officials continue to keep a close watch on flooding

KITTITAS COUNTY, Wash.- Living out on Thrall Road, the Eaton family's property looks more like a pond.

But Kristi Eaton says flooding is common.

"When this goes down in about oh, give it a couple weeks… we won't even remember it," said Eaton.

Eaton says their home is on a flood plain and over the years her and her husband have learned to be prepared.

"You have to expect it and be prepared. Make your houses as high as you can and you know, ride it out," said Eaton.

That's the same feedback we got from residents in West Ellensburg who didn't want to go on camera but said they weren't phased by the water.

One woman was even pumping water out of her basement, something she says is almost an annual occurrence.

Still, Kittitas County deputies says they're monitoring areas of concern to err on the side of safety and encouraging people to begin sandbagging with more rain expected in the forecast Wednesday night.

Water was rushing across North Pott Road right off of West Dolarway Road Wednesday afternoon, the very conditions that Kittitas County Sheriff’s department says drivers should avoid.

They say if you see any running water across a roadway you should not cross it. Deputies say it’s hard to tell just how deep or dangerous that roadway might be.

And it's not just drivers who should be cautious.

Kittitas County Public Health officials say flood waters are not safe for contact.

"Flood waters tend to carry disease. They tend to carry chemicals, they can be contaminated, and most importantly people can't see what's under that water,” said Kasey Knutson, Spokesperson for Kittitas County Public Health Department (KCPHD).

Knutson says you should also be careful if you use well water.

"We don't want people to use that water until it's been tested and confirmed that it's not contaminated,” said Knutson.

And as you begin cleaning up after a flood here are some tips the KCPHD suggests-

- Wear rubber boots, rubber gloves, and goggles during clean up

- After clean up, wash all clothes in worn in hot water and detergent

- Wash hands with soap and warm water

Ellensburg Police say 5th Avenue and Railroad Avenue is the only street still closed within the city limits due to water over the roadway.

Sheriff's deputies say no county roads are currently closed.

If you need sand or bags, the county has made them available at the Upper County Shop and the Fairgrounds in Ellensburg.

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