KIMA speaks exclusively with Tracy Culton

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YAKIMA, Wash. -- It's a story you will only see on KIMA: the first words publicly from Tracy Culton.

She was initially accused of the West Valley triple murder. Then, all the charges against her were dropped. The decision to release Culton happened quickly. Not long after the charges fell apart for Kevin Harper.

Tracy Culton says she's not a killer.

"I would never do something like that," Culton said.

She was abruptly let out of jail in February. Culton spent nearly two years behind bars when Yakima County decided it didn't have enough to convict her.

"You know, ya, I did a lot of stupid stuff when I was out there doing drugs, you know, committing crimes. But, I ain't that kind of a monster," Culton said.

Not the kind of monster who could brutally beat three people to death in their own home.

Bill, Pauline and Bettye Goggin were discovered dead behind the gates of Falcon Ridge back in February of 2011. Prosecutors say Culton originally told them she was in the Goggin home the night of the murders.

Yakima County believed she helped Kevin Harper murder the family and stole jewelry for drug money.

Culton denies ever confessing to that. She says a bitter ex sent authorities a bogus confession from her email.

CULTON: "Which, I didn't send it. It was on my e-mail account but I didn't send it," Culton said.

REPORTER: "So someone forged that?"

CULTON: "Yes."

REPORTER: "So you never admitted anything?"


Culton says she has no idea what happened the night the Goggins were murdered. She claims she was actually in the hospital until after 2am. Detectives say her alibi proved to be true.

REPORTER: "Were you ever in the Goggins home?"

TRACY: "No, I didn't even know them."

REPORTER: "Were you ever in the Falcon Ridge neighborhood before?"

TRACY: "Nope. No."

Tracy tells KIMA she did know Kevin Harper and his wife, Crystal West. Murder charges were also dropped against Harper. He is scheduled to be sentenced on lesser charges. Criminal charges against Harper's wife were dismissed as part of that deal.

REPORTER: "Do you think either one of them was involved in the Goggins' murder?"

CULTON: "Um, I don't know. I really don't know."

REPORTER: "Have you ever heard on the streets who may have been involved in the Goggin's murder?"

CULTON: "Um, no because I was arrested real quick afterwards, so."

Culton admits she's been a heroin addict much of her life. She's stolen from people to get drug money.

But, Culton insist she's never been so high she could have killed a person.

Prosecutors are left to believe her story. They say Culton cooperate with them. Her DNA was not at the crime scene. She passed a lie detector. And, witnesses confirmed she was at the hospital when she said she was.

REPORTER: "We're you ever hiding anything from them?"


REPORTER: "Are you hiding anything now?"


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