Kids tell neighbor their mom is dead; ex-boyfriend charged with murder

RICHLAND, Wash. -- A grisly discovery took place in Richland when three young children reported their own mother's murder.

Police made quick work of finding a suspect when they say the killer walked into the station and confessed.

Neighbors described them as a happy, keep-to-themselves family.

Lisa Sanchez just moved in about a month ago. She's now living across the way from a crime scene.

Sanchez said Rebeca Vandeventer and her kids seemed happy and kept to themselves. Just a couple days ago she talked to Rebeca's suspected killer, Larry Miller.

"Just a normal, Joe-Schmo like the rest of us," she said.

Miller admitted to police he stabbed his ex-girlfriend with a steak knife.

The body of the young mother was found in her home at La Verde Apartments on Dos Palos Court not far from Jadwin and the Bypass Highway.

Court papers say Miller admitted he was upset his ex had a new boyfriend.

Less than two weeks ago, Rebeca had changed her Facebook status to "in a relationship" and posted a picture of a new love interest. She also posted a picture of a tattoo referring to life's struggles.

"It just hits so close to home with my situation and it's scar," Sanchez said.

"Someone that was capable of doing that type of act would move into this neighborhood." said neighbor Joel Meredith.

Court documents say Rebeca's three young kids, ages 2, 4 and 8, walked to a neighboring apartment to report their mom was dead.

"It makes me sad to think that now this little guy doesn't have his mom or his dad, it's sad." Sanchez said.

Police told Action News the children are with family.

"We didn't initiate any interaction and I'm saddened that we didn't because now I didn't have any idea who this person was that this happened to," Meredith said.

Miller is still awaiting formal charges of second degree murder. He made a first appearance in court Thursday.