Keeping a close watch on your car

YAKIMA, Wash. -- It's an alarming statistic. Yakima County ranks in the top ten for most car thefts in the entire country. To keep your ride intact, police were working on new technology to target car thieves. But folks in these neighborhood sknow it's not an easy job.

"You want to bring your kids up right. You want to hear the kids playing and laughing," said KC Webber. "You don't want to hear gun shots and my god look what happened over there."

KC Webber started a Neighborhood Watch group to keep his home and car safe. It was for good reason. This past month, three dozen cars have been snatched in Yakima. Many of them in the area of South 17th Avenue.

The extra vigilance paid off. Since September, the number of car theft cases in Yakima has been cut in half from 100 to 40.

"Thieves are bold, pretty brazen," said KC. "If they see an opportunity, it doesn't take them long to try to capitalize on it."

While KC's neighborhood has been a stolen car hotspot, deputies said it's hard to pinpoint where car thefts happen the most.

"Any place is opened and subjected to getting broken into," said KC.

Deputy Nate Boyer told us it's mainly just a few guys who steal the cars. But even then, crooks are often skilled at breaking into your car and stealing it.

KIMA asked neighbors if they think there's going to be more car thefts in the winter time when people leave their keys in the vehicle.

"Oh probably. It's too easy not to," said neighbor Anthony Wynn.

Public help and tips are helpful to police in catching these auto thefts.