Karen Lange: 'I came really close to not making it'

PENDLETON, Ore. -- It's a very up-lifting story from Pendleton. Karen Lange is out of a Portland hospital and back home.

Action News was there as they took the first trip back to the spot where she was brutally attacked two months ago.

"At first I didn't want to, but sitting here and looking around--it feels more like a victory because I wasn't beaten by the whole thing," she says.

Pendleton's River Walk is peaceful..but not on the night of August 9th.
The police say Lukah Chang hit Karen in the head with a pipe and left her for dead.

She doesn't remember the attack, so when she awoke from a coma, her husband had to explain just what happened.

"I was really surprised and just kind of haunted by that, because I came really close to not making it, that was kind of overwhelming."

Now, in a show of courage and triumph, she makes her way back to the spot where her life was forever changed. Her husband has been by her side from the beginning--and wasn't about to stop now.

"If we were to say we don't want to go down here because of a really horrific event happening, then we would be giving it up. Giving it up to the dark side, or to the evil or just to the bad guys," Dan says.

To Dan and Karen--this act is a testament to their faith, and the undying support of the community.

"I'm extremely thankful. I don't really--overwhelmed. It overwhelms me, I don't really understand that. But I think part of it is that the guy didn't get me, you know, I'm still here and I'm recovering and I think people like that," she says.

And with her family, faith, and friends to lean on--she hopes her miraculous recovery will remind people to cherish every minute of life.

Karen's alleged attacker Lukah Chang is being held without bail in the Umitilla County Jail.

When asked about his arrest--the Langes say they are relieved justice was served.

Chang is also suspected in the murder of Amyjane Brandhagen more than a year ago. His court date is set for next month.