Jury: Shop owner justified in Walla Walla shooting

WALLA WALLA, Wash. -- A jury found John Saul justified in shooting Cesar Chavira to death back in May in Walla Walla's New York Store.

An attorney for Chavira's family stated a wrongful death civil suit will be filed against Saul.

Walla Walla's prosecuting attorney will be reviewing case and decide what the next step is.

Owner John Saul said he caught Cesar Chavez stealing belts and buckles red-handed before unloading as many as five shotgun rounds into the 22-year-old.

The issue went to a panel of jurors when investigators couldn't determine if John Saul acted properly by shooting Chavira as he broke into Saul's store.

Some of those who testified included first responders, pathologists and Chavira's girlfriend.

Franklin County's coroner was asked to be the judge in the case because he is considered the expert in the state. He's been a part of two other inquests in his career, more than anyone else.