Jenny Mae's: Yakima's only gluten-free bakery

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Yakima's only gluten-free bakery expanded its operations and moved closer to downtown. Jenny Mae's Bakery is now located at 730 North 16th Ave just south of Fruitvale Boulevard. The business moved from a 600 sq. foot building to almost 5,000 sq. feet of space, which is more than eight times the size of their old location.

Owner, Jenny Simmons, says her family went gluten-free eight years ago when her son got very sick. After removing gluten from their diets, she saw an immediate difference in his recovery. She admits to having been nervous when she first started the unconventional business.

"It's scary. I did not know really how many people needed to be gluten free in Yakima. And just from the small group around us that was gluten-free, I figured if I know this many people that are gluten free- I was hoping it would be really welcomed," says owner and entrepreneur Jenny Simmons.

She says about 25% of her customers are medically required to be on a gluten-free diet, and she's more than happy to help them find gluten-free restaurants, shopping, and recipes to stay healthy.

Jenny Mae's bakery already doubled its sales since the move.