'It's so important to use your own airport'

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Yakima wants to know what it will take to get you to use the airport. The city wants more people flying in and out of their hometown instead of driving to SeaTac or Pasco.

Flights in and out of Yakima haven't been ideal for most people. They fly out of here only to end up waiting for hours at SeaTac.

"As a passenger, what components are important to you?" asked Reporter.
"Timeliness, that I make a good schedule of connections," said Richard Pingrey.

Tightening up that schedule is a top priority for the Yakima Air Terminal. Increasing the number of flights to and from Seattle so you don't waste time waiting for a connection. Rather than focus on people flying into Yakima. The Economic Development Manager plans to focus on the people who live here.

"We really need to start telling our story to encourage our traffic to the airport," said Sean Hawkins.

Using your own airport helps pay the bills to make improvements. Those long-term goals include non-stop flights to Denver, San Francisco, and Salt Lake City. Connie Kershner is from Moses Lake. She always flies out of Yakima.

"It's easy access, we like it, it's friendly, parking is easy," said Connie. "It's just so much more fun and convenient."

To get you on the same page as Connie, Yakima will be asking you.

The city will be handing out three different surveys to people flying out of the airport, people staying at hotels, and a focus group to help them decide what steps to take next.

"The people's commitment to flying out of Yakima is going to determine our opportunities," said Sean.

With more community support, plans could soar. Surveys will be handed out over the next couple of months.