It's one of the biggest fears you have while at home

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Max Miller never thought twice about getting a good night's sleep. That is, until last month when he got a rude awakening by robbers who held him up inside his own home.

Two guys threw me and broke into the room," said Max. "One of them went right around and grabbed my hands."

He worried this could happen to him again KIMA asked him how he felt when he heard intruders in his room.

"I don't remember," said Max. "I was thinking I hope they don't hurt me."

He wasn't the only one who was concerned. When Eduardo Blancas heard about his neighbor getting robbed, he questioned his safety.

"He lives right next to me and kind of scared other robbers will come to my house and take stuff," said Eduardo.

"This may come as a surprise to you, but there are nearly double the amount of robberies that happen in homes than in businesses. YPD reported there were 42 robberies in homes and 22 in businesses just last year," said Reporter.

Max took action and hoped that will keep it from happening to him again.

"I put better locks," said Max. "I tried to change the locks on my door in my car. They took everything."

A small step to feeling more secure. Maybe it would be enough to let him sleep without keeping one eye open.