Is the weather keeping you in?

YAKIMA, Wash. -- A white Christmas made for a nice holiday. But, on a day when it's back to business for the stores, the snow could get in the way. Janell Lewis decided to go shopping and said the weather was no match for her.

"A lot of people aren't as comfortable as I am driving in the snow," said Janell.

Janell saw the leftover snow as an opportunity. Especially, if other shoppers didn't want to risk it.

"One of my motivations for coming out today is that I was hoping nobody would be here. I have stuff I want to return from Christmas so I just want to get in and out," said Janell.

Donna Ring said the streets were fine for her. She had no trouble getting to the mall and started shopping for next Christmas.

"I think the weather's perfect right now," said Donna. "Streets are cleared and it's getting warmer."

"As you can see behind me, the parking lot in the Valley Mall is still pretty full," said Reporter. "The shoppers are still willing to spend the day after Christmas despite the weather conditions."

Janet Buege at Fiddlesticks opened an hour earlier. She had concerns about a slow day, but said she didn't wait long to see a rush of people in the store.

"Opening the shop today, we realized maybe there were going to be some weather issues," said Janet. "But, it really didn't turn out to be as much as it seemed."

A couple of businesses I spoke with said nobody really made comments about having trouble getting around. Shoppers managed the drive so they could focus on the after Christmas sales and returns.