Irrigation problems continue: 'Haven't seen a drop of water'

YAKIMA, Wash. -- KIMA is taking action for you about another irrigation breakdown. This time in Yakima and it's keeping several people from taking care of their yards. KIMA took their complaints to the private irrigation company.

Curtis Butler would like to be able to take care of his yard. But, the same thing happens whenever he goes to the faucet.

"Turn on the valve all the way on, completely on, and power to the pump, and we have absolutely no water", said Curtis.

Curtis paid more than $300 and wants something for his money. His fiance says the house had lush, green grass when she moved in with him. She says it's been this way for months.

"Here we are July, no water" said Laura Saude.

The lack of irrigation means no water. Its hurt Curtis's garden more than usual this year. Curtis told KIMA, "this is my irrigation line to water my roses. It's dry, dry as can be. Not even one drop of water, just dirt."

Neighbors here get their water from Fruitvale Schanno Irrigation. KIMA went to get answers from the company. An employee admits debris is blocking the 100-year-old line, but the company doesn't have the money to fix it.

KIMA asked if there was anything Fruitvale Schanno Irrigation can do. We were told "the only thing we can do is raise people's bills", told Verna Panian a company spokesperson.

Verna Panian says the company's 550 customers pay 60 dollars a year. That's 33-thousand dollars. Yet, the company won't spend the 750 dollars on each line that needs to be cleared.

Without that work, all Laura and Curtis are left to haul buckets of water from their kitchen faucet trying to keep their lawn alive.