Investigation into massive Wapato dump site continues

WAPATO, Wash. -- KIMA continues to follow the investigation into a Wapato dump site. The county says it's the biggest uncovered in over 30 years.

Demolition material from the old Wapato High School building ended up on Simone Gayton's property on Ashue Road. When county officials checked into that material, they discovered mounds of even more debris.

The demolished building did contain asbestos. Now, investigators are trying to find out why the demolition material ended up on Gayton's property and if it contains asbestos.

Yakima County prosecutors say sub-contractors on the Wapato job were illegally dumping it. They're investigating Groate construction of Woodinville and Mid-Valley Recycling of Wapato.

Wednesday night dozens of community members came together to celebrate the ground-breaking of phase two of the Wapato construction. The second phase involves a different set of contractors.

Wapato Superintendent, Becky Imler, said they've made it clear illegal dumping is not allowed.

"We're very clear in our expectations with our contractors. In the initial situation, there was very clear expectations about where things were to be dumped and how they were to be handled, we have that same level of communication," Imler said.

County officials say the district was not aware of the illegal dumping and co-operated in the on-going investigation.

KIMA has reached out to county prosecutors and code officials to stay on top of the investigation and will continue to do so.