Inside out celebrates the people of Yakima with portraits

Inside Art Project

YAKIMA Wash.- Inside Out is a global art project created by artist J.R where residents have a chance to show love for their city and have portraits of their faces installed on city buildings.

I Heart Yakima has now brought this project to Yakima.

Sally Tonkin is a photographer for Yakima's Inside Out project.

She says they want the people of Yakima to have an opportunity to share their stories, share their personality and have an identity in the city.

"They should get involved if they love where they live. Join us in this celebration and put their face out there to show this is who we are," said Tonkin.

She added that this will not be a formal portrait or senior picture but instead she wants brave people to come forward and express in a picture who they are.

"They're happy, they're laughing, they're making a face, they're anything that you can use to be expressive," said Tonkin.

Some residents say this project will help show the city in a positive light.

"There's so much more to offer and it would be great to see this town kind of come alive so I think I Heart Yakima is doing a lot of good things to promote the positive things we have to offer," said Yakima Resident Courtney Hatchins.

The portraits will be taken between May and July and will be installed in downtown Yakima in August.

To get more information on how to sign up go to the I Heart Yakima website.

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