'I tried to look for something to do, something to make money'

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- Searching for work could be a full time job in itself. The phone calls, applications, and endless resumes take up precious time and can drain your bank account.

Filiberto Razo went in and out of temporary jobs for thirteen years before he found a permanent job. When he first moved to Yakima, he wanted to seek the dream everyone else was looking for.

"What's the reason you came to America?" asked KIMA.
"To get better life, to get better opportunities, to live in a different place," said Filiberto.

But Filiberto almost moved back to Mexico when he couldn't find a job. He said finding work in Yakima was one of the hardest things to do.

"I tried to look for something to do, something to make money and bring food for my house, for my family," said Filiberto.

But if you're in Filiberto's shoes, new numbers offer up some much-needed inspiration. In the last year, 300 non-farm jobs have been added to the Yakima area. On top of that, economists predict 700 additional jobs will be created this year. And that leads to a big question: which industries are you likely to find work?

The professional and business service companies gained 400 jobs in Yakima County last year. There was also job growth in construction and health services.

Nicholas Dawson said he's seeing more professional service companies hiring new employees.

"They get better employees using temp agencies," said Nicholas. "You've got the guys who work hard because they want to get a full time job."

Even though the state's unemployment rate is dropping more rapidly than in Yakima County, the local unemployment rate did improve between 2011 and 2012. Giving more hope to workers seeking for employment in our area.