'I think they're as secure there as they are anywhere else'

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- School safety was not a new issue. It was just getting a lot more attention since the deadly shooting in Connecticut. School districts across Yakima County were taking another look to make sure security was being used the right way. Melissa Falk has three kids in elementary school.

"I've seen incidents where they're running and stopping fights that are in the parking lot and things like that so I think they've done a pretty good job," said Melissa.

Mac Knight has two grandchildren in school. He's happy with the security he saw.

"I don't feel uncomfortable with my grandkids in school," said Mac. "I think they're as secure there as they are anywhere else."

KIMA dug up the numbers to see how much security there was when it came to school resource officers and security guards. Yakima, Toppenish and Sunnyside had the highest numbers. Union Gap, East Valley and Zillah had the least.

Selena Santacruz was a senior at Eisenhower High School. KIMA asked her how she felt about school safety.

"Sometimes we see random people coming in and you never know who they are," said Selena.

Selena said her school started a new security policy.

"We're starting to enforce more," said Selena. "We're having to use our badges."

But, are the badges worn by SROs and security guards making a difference when it comes to crime on campus? Weapon incidents in the Yakima and Sunnyside School Districts increased over the past two school years. There was a decrease in Grandview and East Valley.

"Most of the school districts I spoke with said they're still in the middle of discussions of whether or not they want to add more security guards," said Reporter.