'I sleep with a gun under my bed'

YAKIMA, Wash. -- "Do you still feel like you're in danger?" said Reporter.
"I do. Every time I hear cars or car doors close, I wake up. I look out the windows," said David Morehouse.

David Morehouse can't forget what it felt like after someone broke into his home in October. He hasn't finished picking up the mess left behind. An army chest was one of the targets. It contained the only things he had that belonged to his Dad.

"You come in and you find a broken lock and right away your stomach sinks," said David.

The burglars took his medication, emptied his drawers and threw his boxes everywhere.

"Every time I found something that was missing, it made me more, more angry," said David.

David was far from alone. But, there seemed to be some improvement when it came to burglaries here in Yakima. KIMA dug up the numbers. Yakima saw a total of 637 burglaries in October, November and December of last year. Over the same time this year, the number dropped to 517. That's a 19 percent drop.

"During the holidays, you could make yourself a target if you post where you're going on social media," said Reporter.

Some of the burglary hot spots in Yakima were South 1st Avenue, Cornell Avenue, and South 7th Avenue. David said the experience changed him.

"I sleep with a gun under my bed," said David. "I've never done that before."

Now, he's planning to move somewhere else with the hope it won't happen again.