'I realize that everybody's in an economic hardship'

YAKIMA, Wash. -- KIMA wanted you to be aware of some well-known New Year's Eve events that were no longer available. Last year, 400 students participated in Midnight-Live, a community center that offered games and music. It promoted a safe night for teens. Rockin' New Years Eve in Yakima was also cut. The city did it for five years, but stopped because of the lack of enthusiasm. The weather made it hard for people to stay outside during the event.

"I realize that everybody's in an economic hardship. Everybody's in a crunch. It's unfortunate that the cities can't put things on. I know in the past they had fireworks," said Byron Gumz.

Yakima was talking about planning activities for next year like ice-skating or carriage rides. They will try to make it free or at a low cost.