'I look at bras quite differently than most ladies'

CORVALLIS, Ore. - Patti McCarthy knows a thing or two about bras.

"I look at bras quite differently than most ladies, I think," she said.

The mother of three from Corvallis loves bras so much, she's made them into her business.

But it's not what you may think.

"I think about what it has to offer me, to cradle a glass," she said.

McCarthy uses bras in an unconventional way: to hold wine - or really any type of liquid you can find.

"Smaller cup sizes are better for beer steins, white wine, just a smaller glass in general," she said showing off her bra creation.

McCarthy is the founder of The Original Wine Bra. She buys bras, cuts them in half, decorates them at home and uses the cup portion to cradle a glass.

"Once I see a bra I think is just a great one, I buy every one in the store," she said. "I mean, I go in and have a whole shopping cart full of bras."

Each one has a different theme and unique design. Some have bows, feathers, even lace.

The inspiration for these didn't just come out of the blue. McCarthy said she actually got the idea while visiting her mother Katherine in a nursing home.

"She was bound in a wheelchair and loved drinking water and didn't want to have to bother people to give her water," said McCarthy. "I said, 'You know I'm thinking about putting a glass in a bra for you mom,' and she says, 'What?' And it worked, it worked beautifully."

Now 8 years later, she has a patent pending and can barely keep up with demand.

"She loved it. And she would say some day Patti, be patient, some day. And so here it is."

McCarthy sells her bras at wine walks and other events. They cost $25 and up.

To purchase a wine holder, call McCarthy at 541-740-0560 or email her at